We pay for ALL legitimate visitor you bring to your links and payout at least USD$16.00 per 1000 views. Multiple views from the same viewer are also counted up to 3x views.

What is the CPM rate I can expect?

Every new Publisher wants to know what CPM rate they can expect with Zutrox From our perspective it’s very difficult for us to provide an estimate. The reason is simple, every site is different and this has a direct impact on the overall CPM rate. On average, when a site joins Zutrox, they’ll have between 50 to 80 campaigns running simultaneously and all with different CPM rates, different targets, and different geo targeting.

Things to think about in regards to your overall CPM rate include but are not limited to:

How many ad sizes are you running? Are you running just 1 ad size or all three? Sites running all our IAB ad units such as 728×90, 300×250, 160×600 and 300×600 will get the highest rates. Some advertisers will only book one ad size, if you’re not running that ad size our system automatically removes your site from the campaign.

Non-IAB Units If you’re not open to running interstitials, over the page or floating ads, then you’re once again not getting the highest CPM possible. Some advertisers don’t want to run regular display units and instead prefer to run a more high-impact unit such as the ones mentioned for video assets.

Above-the-fold Are you prepared to give us at least two spaces above the fold? Some advertisers only book above the fold and as such when we traffic the campaign, if your ad unit isn’t above the fold then you won’t be even included on the campaign. CPM rates are usually higher for above the fold positions. See a blog we wrote on Positioning your Ads.

Origin of site traffic This is one of the biggest reasons why we see reduced CPM rates for a particular site. Zutrox sells advertising directly in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. If a large percentage of your traffic (20% or more) originates from countries outside of this list you’ll see an overall reduction in the eCPM rates. Ways we can prevent the reduced CPM rate is to use an ad server and geo target your traffic for any of the countries to us. That way we’ll provide you only advertising for you in those countries.

Site performance Does your site have a high click through? We find that recipe sites have much higher click rates and conversion rates than food blogs. As a result, our system will automatically adjust the allocation of performing ads to sites that perform. Ways that you can increase performance include placing ad units above the fold, around text, placing ad tags into page templates instead of just one or two pages. Also reducing the number of ads on a page can significantly help as well. We recommend a maximum of 3 ads per page.

Advertiser has not selected your site or food blog Some advertisers ask us for a list of all the sites in the network, as they have strict guidelines for ordering advertising. These advertisers will look at every site in the network and determine the suitability for their campaign. For some campaigns we’ll only run on particular sites in the network and not across the entire network. Not being selected for a campaign can be attributed to the design of your site, content you’re developing and traffic volumes.

UNLEASH THE POWER OF THE LINK have a simple and convenient user interface, and a variety of utilities. Links are everywhere. Within every channel and every platform.
Only are powerful enough to allow you to see clear across the internet. We also provides full mobile supports, you can even shorten the URL and view the stats on a mobile device.

We have recently rolled out some changes to Custom, which allow you to customize the back-half of your to extend your branding, tailor your messaging and increase engagement. We understand how valuable this feature is to our users, so we’ve redesigned this feature to make it even easier to create and share Custom

Since rolling out the change, we’ve seen a 70% increase in the number of Custom created and a significant increase in the number of Custom being created per Bitly account.

Learn how to take advantage of this feature to start creating your own Custom!


We’ve had customers and free users capitalize on the ability to customize their to announce deals, incentivize their links with calls-to-action and educate their audience about the content behind the Bitlink. If you’re a Bitly Brand Tools customer, you have your own unique namespace. This means you can use any word to create your Custom

When you pair Custom with your Branded Short Domain, you have an unlimited number of branded link options for shortening and sharing. With Bitly Brand Tools, Custom are completely customizable: you can redirect your Bitlink to a new long URL or change the keyword associated with your Bitlink. Paired together, these powerful tools allow companies to extend their branding to the entire shortlink.

As a company that is committed to helping everyone unleash the power of the link, we will continue to unveil new product updates dedicated to improving Bitly for all our users. Stay tuned!

Interested in learning more about Branded Short Domains, Custom and Bitly Brand Tools? Click here to learn more.


Compressed archives combine multiple files into a single file to make them easier to transport or save on diskspace. Archiving software may also provide options for encryption, file spanning, checksums, self-extraction, and self-installation. Zip is the most-widely used format, used by the Windows operating system and more recently by OSX as well. RAR is also a very popular and flexible format. Unix uses the tar file format, while Linux uses the tar and gz format.

How ZIP files work, compression & archiving definition



what is file compression

How file compression and archiving works

File archiving definition

File archiving means to combine multiple files together for easier management of the data (i.e. backup, mail attachments, sharing by FTP, torrent, cloud, or any kind of network service, etc) as for the host filesystem all the data will be treated as a single file rather than as multiple ones, eliminating the overhead of handling multiple objects - for each single file, locating the physical data on disk, locating possible fragments, checking file level security permissions, and so on.

how file compression works
The idea of archiving files pre-dates .zip format by many years, as in AR Unix format (later superseded by TAR, released in 1979 and standardized in 1988), and LBR format in CP/M / DOS world in early ' file archiving works

File compression definition

File compression means to reduce size of data on disk encoding it to a smaller output, employing various strategies to efficiently map (most cases of) a larger input to a smaller output, i.e. using statistical analisys to reduce redundancy in inputa data.
Data compression, too, predates development of ZIP standard, as once the input files were merged into a single output archive, the operation was often concatenated to lossless data compression to reduce the size of the archive using various utilities available at the time as SQ (DOS, CP/M), CRUNCH (CP/M), and compress (Unix).
TAR format, for example, is still an uncompressed archive standard, and uses external compressors, nowadays usually GZ (fast deflate based compression, same as in ZIP format), BZ2 (more powerful compression), XZ (modern, very powerful LZMA based compression - the default compression algorithm used in 7Z format).

Learn more about similarities and differences in Lossless data compression and Lossy data compression. For general purpose compressed archive file, however, compression means Lossless Compression, a 1:1 mapping of input to a smaller output.

SEA's ARC format (1985) combined the archival and (lossless) compression in a single pass, providing probably the first example of general purpose of archive manager, which allowed both to spare storage for backup, and save upload and download bandwidth (and time) for sharing - at the time, mainly BBS.
A few years later, after a controversy with SEA about alleged derived work in PKARC, Phil Katz superseded previous works releasing PKZIP, which knew great success due multiple factors, as superior speed and efficiency, and being the specs released under public domain, and having relatively few competitors in years of fast PC market expansion.What are compressed archive files

What is and how a ZIP file works

ZIP format is a lossless data compression and archival format created in 1989 by Phil Katz, implemented for the first time in PKWARE's PKZIP.The ZIP file format specifications were released under public domain and the format had long and lasting success, to the point often "zip" is colloquially used for any generic compressed archive, and many package formats are based on deflate compression and/or same or very similar specs: Java JAR / WAR / EAR, Android APK, Apple iOS IPA files (iPhone and iPad devices), Microsoft CAB and Office compound files.WinZip 12.1 (2009) introduced the new ZIPX file format specifications for identifying a new archive standard which supports newer and more powerful compression algorithms.

What are and how RAR, ACE, 7Z files work

During '90s and beyond, multiple alternative archival standard emerged, as ARJ, RAR (1993), ACE, and 7Z (1999), introducing unique features to distinguish them from the growing number of competitors, in example:usually, stronger compression ratio than ZIP at the cost of slower operation - but that disadvantage would have been paid off by slower transfer time (especially on slow and public networks) of smaller output filemulti volume archival, splitting the output to met constrains as mail attachment size limitencryption, to enforce end user's privacy if the file is stolen, or passed through unsecure servers (unencrypted public network, or any third party controlled channel as a mail server, or remote storage service)error detection and correction, to prevent extraction in the event data gets corrupted (i.e. faulty connection, damaged disk) and attempt recovery from known good data.

ABOUT ZUTROX.LINK is a completely free tool where you can create short links, which apart from being free, you get paid! So, now you can make money from home, when managing and protecting your links. Register now!

Earning Money with Your Links is a service which basically allows you to take a long url and shorten it with their service.  The new link will then place either an interstitial ad or a framed ad banner along with your original url.  Then you get paid for the ad views.

In addition, allows you to refers others to their service and get a lifetime additional 20% revenue from their clickthroughs.

Their payout threshold is $5.00.  so you can cash out to your paypal account whenever you hit the $5.00 threshold.

I have a couple of thoughts on this service.

  1. It seems like a great concept to earn some extra passive income on links you may already be promoting.  However, you do want to pace yourself with these ads so as not so spam your audience.
  2. Their cpm rate is somewhere between $3.00 to $5.00, depending on the source.  That means that you need to have a lot of views to your ads before you will earn any money of substance.  It’s probably not going to make you rich overnight, but it is a set and forget type income stream.
  3. I don’t know if the market is starting to get saturated with these kinds of link embedded ad services.  People may recognize the shortened link and be less inclined to follow the link.  Sometimes people are cautious of link shorteners.  Will this result in reduced clickthrough rates?  I’m currently testing this on twitter and will have a sense of it in a week or two.

Weighing all the pros and cons, I still figure it’s worth a try.

I don’t use shortened links on Riches Corner, and I don’t plan to start now.  I certainly don’t plan to inundate everyone with ads for every link you click.

Luckily, I do have a couple of mediums where I can make use of these links, through twitter or Facebook.  I have some spare twitter and Facebook accounts that I figure I can use for these links.

If any of you try out this service, you may want to see how they work out on your spare twitter or Facebook accounts as well.

Here’s a step by step guide to signing up for this service for anyone interested:

Step 1:

To begin you will need to sign up with this service.  It’s free sign up and join.  Just click here. Now fill everything in and you will then need to confirm your email.

Step 2:

Now once you signed up and logged in, go to the home page and you will see a wide box where you enter in a website url and click the shrink button.

Step 3:

Start promoting your shrinked link to as many people you can. The more people who click on it, the more money you will have in your pocket.

Additional Promoting Tip

One of the ways that I promote websites, or products through my social media accounts is by using an rss feed and routing it to twitter.  In this case, use the service, as they are able to use the api as a third party default shortener is a free service that is fairly straightforward to set up.  You just link a social media account like twitter or Facebook.  Then you start adding rss feeds.

This works great if you have feeds from affiliate accounts, you can route them on a schedule to be promoted.

It’s very easy to create a feed using this service.  You just enter in the feed url and then set the schedule that you want the feed to be pulled.  Then you just direct it at the account that you want the feed to go.

Now, in order to use with, you just want to add your own custom shortener.  Just go to the settings page and hit add shortener.

This opens a menu that allows you to select a third party shortener.  Just select third party shortener and it gives you the option to enter in the api.

The shortener endpoint is where you want to enter in the api.  You can find the api at their site under tools.  However if you want, just copy and paste the following code: API KEY HERE&uid=SHORT UID KEY HERE&advert_type=int&[email protected]@

Don’t forget to put in your own api and user id codes.

Then hit done.

Now your will send out the rss feed to twitter or any other social media service that you chose with your shortened link automatically.

Add as many rss feeds as you want, but just remember to go easy with the service as you don’t want to spam ads.  If you link to quality content, it should be fine.

Try it out and tell me what you think of the service.


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Zutrox Methods

I’ve talked about Zutrox before.  This is an ad network that allows you to shorten links so that when someone clicks on the links, they will also be shown an advertisement.  At the same time, you will earn money for each view.  It’s a quick and simple way to start earning money online even if you don’t have your own website.  So if you want to dip your feet in the online money making waters, this may be a good place to start.

I’ve had a good response to that article and had some people sign up and start using Zutrox with that method.  I was curious to see how they were doing, so I took a look at some of their earnings.

Of course, earnings varied according to how they operated and how they were promoting their links.  Here’s a screenshot of a couple of my referral’s earnings:

Now, you can see that the earnings are varied.  Some of these people have been using gadfly longer than others.  But I wanted to highlight a couple of these guys who’ve been members for less than a month.  $4 in 3 weeks may not seem like a lot of money, but keep in mind this is just the beginning.  Also, the earnings become cumulative as you add more promotional techniques.

I started out earning about $4 a month as well, but after a few months, I’m now earning upwards of $0.50 a day and I find that I earn more and more each day.  Partly, it’s because I’m getting more hits on my links and partly, my referral’s earnings are growing daily as well.

Oh, did I forget to mention that you earn 20% of your referral’s earnings for life?

So, once I started hitting $0.50 cents a day, I thought to myself that this actually is a pretty good passive income stream.  But I also realized that I was really not even using it to it’s fullest potential.

After all, I’m using the simplest method, which is twitter to promote my links.  But while twitter works well, it’s not the only method around.  For the enterprising, there are higher converting methods as far as generating interest.

There are people earning hundreds and even thousands each month through Adfly:


Here’s a screenshot of another user’s earnings:

You can see proof of other people’s earnings at the Zutrox Forums.

Of course, I wanted to learn how these people were earning so much monthly.  So, I set about on a quest to figure out the best methods for generating interest and clicks.  And I put it all together in an ebook.

Now, this is not an exhaustive list, as there are many ways to promote yourself.  If you’re imaginative, you can likely find other ways to get your links out there.  However, these are some of the most effective techniques.

Also, while these are methods that are specific to Adfly.  They can also be used generally to promote any type of link, including your websites or blogs.


Signup for an account in just 2 minutes. Once you've completed your registration just start creating short URLs and sharing the links with your family and friends. Well, most of us are of the opinion that making money online is tough.

However, you will be glad to know that there is an easy method of earning money online. In fact, you can shorten URLs and make money. Today, we share with you Best URL Shortener to Earn Money Online. By using URL Shortening Service or Website, you can earn money online by shortening the long URLs from various websites. The best part is that you don’t need any technical skills. Moreover, it is not mandatory to have any blog or website. However, if you have one, it would be a bonus for you. The shortened URLs can be posted on your blog or website. You can also post the shortened URLs on forums as well as social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or anywhere. Whenever a visitor clicks on your shortened URL, some money will be credited to his/her URL Shortener Account. So, there is income potential from every click.It is one of the simplest methods of earning money online.The Internet has long been a platform wherein people can share links that are interesting and important for themselves and their friends.However, sometimes the URLs become long and ugly. Moreover, sometimes the URLs can contain affiliate links that people want to hide.This caused link sharing to drop down.With the advent of URL Shortener Services/Websites, everything became easy.You just need to enter your long, ugly, or affiliate link in these URL Shortener Websites and they go on to create short and beautiful URL completely free.As time passed, URL Shortener Services became popular as they started paying people for shortening their URLs.

How URL Shortener Works

Every time, when someone clicks on the shortened link, you will get paid. These URL Shortener Services or Websites can pay as much as $4-$5 for every 1000 visitors that you bring to your link. They pay you as you bring traffic to them. These visitors will probably become their new users and customers.When a visitor clicks on the given URL, the Shortened URL will wait for 5 seconds and then it will be redirected to the original destination link. For these 5 seconds, URL Shortener service will display an advertisement. Like 5 seconds or more (depending on service to service) is completed page is redirected to the original destination.It is recommended to avoid using a shortened URL on your website as it may irritate your visitors unnecessarily. Typically, you should use a Shortened URL on forums, and social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Is it possible to earn money by url shortening? How much can be earned?

I usually write for bloggers, but today I write this article for anyone looking for easy ways to make money online. Not everyone can be bloggers, SEO or marketers, many of you are just casual guys who spend their time surfing the internet.

Wait a second !!! Do not worry if you're a blogger, this publication is for everyone, and being a blogger is an advantage for you. Thumb in the air!

Many of you spend hours every day doing nothing. You can postpone your Facebook news feed for hours, or you can be very interested in watching YouTube videos or just chatting. No matter what you do, everyone should agree that we all spend at least an hour online and do nothing.

What happens if I say that you can earn money during this time?

I do not ask you to write articles or complete a survey or click on ads or the like. On the contrary, I will share something that you will enjoy and once the money arrives you will never look back.

As a blogger, I have not tried this for a long time, but I managed to earn about $ 25-30 by doing nothing but a small setup that took me no more than 6 minutes.

Enough of the introduction! Well, I could have caught your attention! It's not like that?

Earn money by trimming the URL Cutting shortcuts and earning money has always been a way to win online. Many people pursue this and earn up to $ 100 a day. Very impressive !!

You can do the same by following this guide.

Earn money on short links. Make short links and earn the biggest money is a Europe-based shortening tool that allows us to shorten any link and then pay for each visit we receive in our shortened link. You must think, Why am I writing on Earn money on short links. Make short links and earn the biggest money of so many available shoppers? Well, for me it's by far the best URL shortener. Here are some reasons:

The best prices compared to others. As much as $ 12 per 1000 visits for some countries. Minimum deposit limit of $ 5

Several payout options: Paypal, Webmoney and Payoneer.

The ads are always of high quality. Without sensitive opinions.

Dedicated social participation widget for blogs and websites.

Many other tools to maximize your income through your blogs and websites.

Free API! Are you a developer? If so, then you can understand its meaning

How can you earn money with Earn money on short links. Make short links and earn the biggest money? Use the best URL shortener and make money by trimming the links. Here's the complete guide to making money by shortening the URL using - the best link shortening page.

The big question is how to make money with this simple online tool. So !! First and foremost, you only need to log in to Earn money on short links. Make short links and earn the biggest money. Once your account has been created, you can start trimming the links.

Now everything is yours, copy and paste a link that you want to share with your friends or bloggers. Click on the button to shorten the link. Once you do this, you will receive a shortened URL for your link.

Use the short link and share it with your friends, you will be paid for each visit.

Smart tips to earn 10 euros per day by shortening URLs Well, to make it easier, let me divide this part into two categories, one for bloggers / marketing and another for non-bloggers. Here are some great tips to make money by trimming the URL

For bloggers and dealers If you're a blogger or affiliate marketer / internet, you need to be very aware of how this system works and how you can maximize sales. Let me add some interesting tips

Replace your social widget with the Earn money on short links. Make short links and earn the biggest money social sharing widget. All links shared via the buttons will be truncated to your account and you will be paid for each visit. No matter who shares your article, you get paid. Is not it great? If you use Blogspot comments, the Shorte has a great script for you. You can find the script on the Tools tab of your spreadsheet. This simple script shortens all shared links in the comment section and yet every click will pay you. You have nothing to do but a simple script copy of 2 minutes.

If you have a website that generates huge clicks on your site, you can turn all your internal links into short links using a simple script. This will pay a user who clicks on a link on their website. All these options are available in the website monetization.

Do you share your articles in your social media accounts? Well, stupid of me, everyone does it! So why not share an abbreviated link that will allow you to earn a lot of money if you have good social impact?

I could also do Affiliate Marketing on Facebook through groups and sites !! Again use short links, you will make money if you do not make a sale at least better than nothing.

But bloggers, make sure you do not overdo it! Sometimes this can be embarrassing, especially if your target audience is serious.

Well, I write that fast, so I can lose some points and comment a little more. Do you want more? Also read the section Non-Blogger!

For non-bloggers / part-time employees Well, this publication is for you and believe me, if you take it seriously, you can make a lot of money. Although it may take a while to get the best working practices. Here are some tips!

Join active Facebook groups and post interesting offers, pictures and videos under their short links. Use attractive descriptions and captions to get the most clicks.

Do you share links to WhatsApp? Now shorten these URLs and share them. If you have active Facebook pages, try sharing short links rather than sharing ordinary links.






A Vanity URL is a descriptive, memorable and pronounceable URL usually used for forwarding content, redirect URLs from one location to another. In the simplest terms, a Vanity URL is a long URL converted into customized short link also known as a Branded Link and a Custom Short URL. Here 3 rules you should follow when you are using your Branded Links:

Use When Necessary: You don’t have to use a vanity URL for every link you share. If the link from your original website is already short you can use that. The purpose of a Vanity URL is to make a link short yet identifiable as your brand.

Be Clear: Always clearly display your brand and use full words to describe your content. In order for people to trust your link, they need to have an idea where the link is bringing them. Be honest, clear and concise as possible.

Use your Vanity URL with your SEO strategy: Vanity URLs, when used correctly, can be Marketing gold. Be sure that the Vanity URL you choose compliments the Marketing and SEO strategy you already have in place.
Vanity has nothing to do with vanity urls

Vanity URLs have been long misunderstood, for good reason.

When we got our Google+ vanity URL before, it was a moment of celebration. We were about to get an unfair advantage over our competitors with our newly acquired gplus vanity URL.

Vanity url triggers Knowledge Graph

Try searching any brand with a vanity Google URL and you will find that the Google knowledge graph will showcase you over other brands. i.e. Delta Airlines

What is a Vanity URL?

Vanity URL Definition: A vanity URL is an unique web address that is branded for marketing purposes.

Vanity URLs are a type of custom URL that exists to help users remember and find a specific page of your website. Therefore your vanity URLs should be easy to remember, use, and share.

There are many benefits to being the first to claim your vanity URL – and just as many setbacks if someone else beats you to it. Many social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and most recently, Google Plus offer users and brands the option to customize their gplus profile URLs.

Pro tip: Vanity URLs should not be confused with vanity domains, which are domains named after the owner’s name. e.g.

vanity domains are not the same as vanity urls

My friend David was beaten to the vanity domain – which may seem disadvantageous at first, but I think his pentasyllabic name sounds more catchy and memorable.

7 Reasons Why Vanity URLs Are Awesome, Plus Actionable Examples

To get your brains rolling as to how you can take online marking offline and into the real world, I’ve highlighted 7 reasons and some creative ways to use vanity URLs. We’ll be using our newly acquired Google plus vanity URL to showcase these vanity url examples.

google plus vanity url comparison

1. Easier to Remember

Have you ever recommended a website to someone but they were too lazy to Google it? Worse yet, have you ever found something cool on the web but can’t get the right keyword combination to have it show up on search engines? With an easy-to-remember web address, potential website visitors are less likely to give up before they even reach your website. Plus (hah, get it?), it also looks a lot more pleasing to the eye. This is the reason why URL shortening services like and tinyurl are so popular.

2. Builds More Trust

What’s more pleasing to the eye also builds more trust. This is common sense not commonly applied here. Which of these two would I have second thoughts about clicking on?

Here’s how I see it: there’s irrefutable harmony in our new vanity URL – the call to action matches up with a beautifully honest URL. Without a vanity URL for Google plus, you would create a nasty case of cognitive dissonance to the user. Can I really trust a garbled mess of numbers to lead me to where you say it will? Hyperbole aside, establishing trust on the internet is hard stuff.

3. Easier to Share

By being obviously shorter, easier to remember, and more trustworthy, our GPlus vanity URL is also engineered to be more sharable than before. Because it’s made up of words instead of random numbers, we can now share it verbally without reading out the numbers – heck, who would ever read out our old Google Plus URL? In most cases, people would resort to search to find it.

Pro-tip: Want to keep things shorter and simpler without losing trust? Here are the shortest links you can possibly create on the “big 4” of social media in order of brevity.

Google Plus:

4. Easier to Use

Now that it’s easy to remember, share, and evokes trust, we’ll actually want to include our Google plus URL when we’re offering options for our fans to follow us.

Custom Url vs Plain URL

This is a rendition of what your thank you slides may’ve looked like.

If you’ve seen our webinar thank you pages, you might notice that we’ve never included a method to follow us on Google Plus – simply because it was hard to use. Font sizes or formats have to be changed to accommodate a URL which doesn’t clearly represent what it does. If it’s hard to use internally, it’ll be hard to push out externally to customers. Now that it’s easier to use, we’ll make it available to our growing Google Plus fan base.

5. Empowers Online Sharing

Isn’t it amazing? Just a small cosmetic change can have a huge impact on your marketing efforts. If you have a strong Google Plus brand presence and active community – or you plan to have one – then it’s smart to build a supporting infrastructure around it. Here are some examples of what you can now do that was previously unfeasible because of one dinky, ugly-looking URL.

Online Presentation Slides

Custom urls to encourage participation

6. Enables Offline Sharing

We all know that there are tons of ways people find our website online – and you certainly don’t have to be online to hear about a website. There are plenty of places where you can place your vanity URL on your offline promotional materials to encourage more social activity online. While it’s true that companies are now spending less and less on traditional media ads, you’ll never know for sure if there’s an opportunity lost without testing your ideas out to see how effective they are!

Don’t be surprised if these traditional Google advertisements also include a “Learn more on our Google+ Page” in the future since all of Google’s efforts have to be tied to social!

Direct Mail

Using custom urls for direct mail

Get a $100 free Google AdWords coupon when you add us on!

Magazine Ads

Using custom urls in magazine ads

Learn why at

Newspaper Ads

Using custom urls in newspaper ads

Hangout with a Google Ads expert at


Using custom urls for brochures

Learn the newest updates at


Using custom urls for flyers

Get your FREE advertising dollars via

Marketing Promotional Materials (AKA SWAG)

So an SEO copywriter starts to write about some marketing swag he got in a job fair he recently visited…

Pens, pencils, magnets, stress balls, beer opener, beer cap openers, beer bottle openers, yo-yos, yoyo, T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, sweater, mugs, coffee cup, water bottle, environmentally friendly water bottle, reusable bags, environmentally friendly bags, gym bags, USB’s, key chains, keychains, tattoos, temporary tattoos, stickers….(Here’s the SEO joke reference if you don’t get the humor – and dear God I hope WordStream doesn’t start ranking for tattoos.)

Using custom urls on promotional materials

Anywhere your brand or website could show up, you could create a call-to-action to get people involved in your social media efforts. Get creative!

Remember, only some of these advertising methods will work for your business – but if you can get your most loyal customers talking, interacting, and sharing your presence online, you’re on the way to building a great customer relationship!

7. Enables Verbal Sharing

Imagine the following scenario: you’re on national television and the host gives you the opportunity to sell your business. Aside from your website, wouldn’t it be sweet if you could capture and engage them through social media?

TV News

Vanity urls enables TV sharing

“You can learn more about WordStream on our website, find us on facebook dot com slash wordstream, or google dot com slash, plus sign, WordStream” – and if you’re lucky, you’ll have a little display pop-up show on TV. Let’s not leave it to lady luck.


There’s no trick here. You would never be able to say www dot plus dot google dot com slash b slash one one zero nine six two zero three seven eight nine six zero four one seven two three six seven four *deep breath* and expect your listeners to remember or write down the address AND visit your website.

There’s just no way without an awesome vanity URL.

Word of Mouth

When you’re a brand, you want methods to access your web properties or communities to be as frictionless as possible. The easier it is the more likely people will act on it. Vanity URLs are the start of easier word of mouth sharing, since your customers may choose to visit your brand not through your website, but your presence in social media. 

8. Bonus Round: Dominate Your Branded SERP With Vanity URL SEO

It’s no secret that when users are looking for a brand, Google loves to put Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Facebook on the search engine results page. Some SEO’s will even argue that this is in part due to the exact keyword match that you’ve customized in the URL. By having the vanity URL to your brand on multiple web properties, you should be able to dominate your SERP with your own marketing message (and not what Wikipedia has to say about you!).

Pro-tip: If you have a verified Google Plus brand page, the Google Knowledge Graph will give it preference over Google Maps (if you’re a business) or Wikipedia (if you’re a person).

Great Scott, vanity URLs are certainly marketing enablers! Just how did WordStream get one for Google Plus? I’m glad you asked.

How To Get Your Google Plus Vanity URL

In order to be considered for Google’s initial custom URL rollout, you first have to have a verified, active Google+ page with user activity. I believe WordStream is currently the unofficial Guinness Book of World Records holder for obtaining a Google Plus branded URL with just 1054 plus ones – all challengers to his claim are welcome. There are, however, rumors that the minimal requirement is 100 followers, not plus ones.

Then, by the chance of counting your calendar days or nicely asking your Google AdWords account rep if they know a Googler on the vanity URL project that could prioritize your brand, you’ll see this magical grey bar. Legends say that only the chosen few have the luck to access customized URLs on the fabled Gplus network.

Google Plus custom url claim process

Oooh, a delightfully bright blue button! When you click on it, wild glittery unicorns will appear and flash across your screen with amnesia dust.

UPDATE: As of 10/29/2013, Google+ Vanity URLS are now available to all brand pages as long as they meet these minimal requirements.

Claim your Google Custom URL

Pro-tip: Note here that capitalization does not matter. If a visitor types in (God have mercy on your soul if your visitors type in l337 Sp34K) they’ll still reach our branded page.

We also noted two wacky points about Google+ custom URL’s terms of service that were a bit fishy:
1. We reserve the right to reclaim custom URLs or remove them for any reason, and without notice.
2. Custom URLs are free for now, but we may start charging a fee for them. However, we will tell you before we start charging and give you the choice to stop participating first. (Emphasis mine)

These are extremely minor setbacks considering the benefits you’ll be getting, so check that click-wrap agreement and click “Claim URL” unless you would like to Request a different one. If you request a different URL, you’ll have to wait for a verification e-mail from Google; otherwise you’ll be directed to do a final confirmation. Remember, Google only allows one custom URL per page.

Confirm Google custom url

With the foresight that this experience could be a blog post, I took the risk for our readers and clicked cancel. The grey bar will still show up on the top of your Google+ page, so rest assured you’re not suckered for not taking Google’s sweet, sweet offer right away.

After confirming your choice, you’ll be directed to

Congratulations claiming Google+ URL

Pro-tip: For the techy power web users who have a knack for breaking down the components of a URL because you’re an extremely savvy online marketer, you’ll also notice that… takes you to the photo album, takes you to videos takes you to the brand’s Google Plus page wall.

Those who didn’t notice… well… now you can pretend that you knew this all along!

WordStream’s Obligatory Google Custom URL Celebration

Hopefully by now we’ve convinced you how awesome it is to have your own vanity URL.

On August 13th, Google announced that shorter, customized, and easier to remember Google Plus URLs were going to be rolled out to verified profiles (people) and pages (brands and businesses) on a limited scale for those deemed most important. The first adopters were superstars like David Beckham, Hugh Jackman, and Britney Spears and brands like Hugo Boss, Toyota, and Delta Airlines.

I thought I’d take the opportunity to pat ourselves on our back and remind our “frienemies” (in the same manner iPhone 5 owners do) that we got our vanity URLs earlier than they did*. This also means that they’re in threat of being unable to execute any of the benefits of vanity URLs I’ve just mentioned.

*fan counts are approximations*

Surprising Search Marketing Brand Pages Without Vanity URLs

Search Engine Watch – 3,900 Google plus fans
Search Engine Journal – 2,500 Google plus fans
State of Search – 2,000 Google plus fans
(It’s no wonder that Search Engine Land, which got their vanity URL, continues to take the lead with 39,603 Google plus fans)

SEO Brands With A Significant Google Plus Following Without Vanity URLs

HubSpot – 13,000 Google plus fans
SEO Book – 7,000 Google plus fans
Distilled – 3,700 Google plus fans
Point Blank SEO – 3,200 Google plus fans
Majestic SEO – 2,800 Google plus fans
(I haven’t seen any PPC Brands really leverage Google Plus – WordStream is one of the first to do so!)

SEO’s I Wish Had Their Vanity URLs (Click here to apply)

Rand Fishkin – The CEO of SEOMoz
Matt McGee – Editor of Search Engine Land
Dana Lookadoo – (Do check out her super awesome presentation on Structured Social Sharing)

Widely Followed PPC Experts on Google Plus Who We Think Will Get their Vanity URLs Soon

Want your name off of WordStream’s list? Shoot me an email or tweet once you’ve received your vanity URL and you’ll receive a mystery prize from WordStream.

Claiming your vanity URL is just as important as choosing the name for a brand. So what are you waiting for? 

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